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3 Supplements To Enhance Your Training: Grape Freeze Is Here

First New Release Of 2022


We're a couple of weeks into the new year & already have an exciting new product launch. 


Believe Supplements has a proven track record of quality products with a wide range of flavours to boot. 


From hard-hitting pre-workout to vitamins & minerals, Believe has you covered on every angle.


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Grape Freeze

To kick off the new year, Believe has expanded its flavours across three of its most popular workout products. 


Grape Freeze stirs up the nostalgia of those grape popsicles you likely had as a kid. A smooth grape-forward flavour with a refreshing aftertaste is sure to excite the tastebuds of any grape lover. 


As if your interest isn't peaked enough, this delicious grape flavour helps you get more from your workouts, ultimately increasing your results.


Pump Addict Pre-Workout

Pump Addict 

Pre-workout rocks; It signals to your body that it's go-time. 


Pump Addict comes with two serving sizes, allowing you to dial the caffeine content up or down depending on your preference for the day. 


It totals a whopping 1100mg of stimulants per scoop. 


While may you come for the energy, you'll stay for the performance benefits. 


Pump Addict features a muscle performance matrix that supports your workout performance. 


Whether you're looking to hit a new PR or make it to your morning spin class, Pump Addict can help. 


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Pump Addict Stimulant Free Pre-Workout

Pump Addict Stim-Free 

Maybe you exercise later in the day or just aren't looking to add more caffeine to your routine; Pump Addict is still an option for you.


Pump Addict SF is a caffeine-free version of the above Pump Addict. 


You may be thinking, what's the point then? Aren't pre-workout supplements supposed to give you energy?


While many look to a pre-workout for an energy boost, they forget the other muscle performance benefits they receive.


Pump Addict SF supports hydration & endurance, allowing you to exercise longer & harder. It's a perfect option for anyone looking to give their workouts a boost while ditching the caffeine. 


Pro Tip: You can take both Pump Addict & Pump Addict SF together to optimize your training further. 


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Performance EAA

Performance EAA 

EAA stands for essential amino acids, which your body cannot make itself. 


You ingest these through whole-food & protein powders, but you may not be reaching your ideal protein intake throughout the day. 


Performance EAA is a popular beverage consumed during workouts. 


This drink ensures your body has the proper nutrients to support muscle recovery while decreasing fatigue. 


Not to mention, it boasts a premium blend of electrolytes to promote proper hydration throughout your activity. 


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Why Choose Just One?


Believe has given us three products to keep pushing through our new years' goals. The refreshing grape taste is icing on the cake. 


Synergy's everyday stack & save option allows you to get 15% off your total order when buying three or more supplements. 


Just add three products to your cart & the discount will automatically apply. 


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Our team is on standby every day to field any questions you may have on these three exciting products. Visit us in-store or utilize our live chat online. 


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