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4 Muscle Building Supplements You Need To Check Out In 2022

There Is No Secret To Gaining Muscle


Muscle building is a long-term commitment requiring an adequate diet & exercise routine that promotes muscle growth. 


A well-oiled weightlifting regime is just one component. Many people neglect the importance diet has on their results. 


Ideally, when looking to gain muscle, you'll be eating in a caloric surplus, meaning your body receives more calories a day from food than it burns. Additionally, reaching a specific protein target each day is needed. 


This combination of exercise & diet will provide the easiest path for muscle gain. 


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Supplements can play an important role in the muscle-building process. Supplements by nature are not essential in every circumstance; therefore, it's necessary to analyze your pain points in building muscle & seek supplements to fill in those gaps.


Do you have trouble fitting your protein needs into your day? Problems with muscle recovery? These are examples of pain points that the right supplements can potentially support. 


From filling in dietary gaps or aiding in recovery, we've compiled 5 supplements that can provide benefits specific to building muscle. 


1) Creatine Monohydrate


Can You Take Too Much Creatine? Side Effects and Dosage

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Through years of clinical studies, creatine is proven as a safe & effective supplement to improve lean muscle mass. 


Creatine provides your body with energy at the cellular level, giving you more fuel to complete more sets & more reps that lead to muscle gain & strength improvements over time. 


Additionally, creatine is an osmolyte, meaning it drags water to itself in your muscles. This creates a well-hydrated environment that can lead to muscle fullness.


Creatine is as close to an essential supplement you can get. Its benefits are meaningful & it comes at a relatively low cost per serving. 


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2) Build XT


BUILD-XT Muscle Builder w/ PeakO2® & ElevATP® | Jacked Factory


As a premium muscle builder supplement, Build XT sets out to help you exercise longer & harder, hence leading to more muscle gain. 


Its blend of 6 adaptogenic mushrooms Peak02 has been shown in clinical studies to improve endurance in athletes. 


Additionally, it features an ingredient ElevATP, with a similar action to creatine in that it increases your body's energy production, helping to increase power & strength. 


Build XT is an excellent addition to your supplement stack if you want to take your training to the next level. 


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3) Comatose

Comatose - All Natural Sleep Aid 

An underrated area of muscle recovery & growth is sleep. Many people lack the quality sleep they require to build muscle efficiently. 


Comatose can help you get to sleep & stay asleep, supporting your muscle growth overnight. 


If you're struggling to wind down after the day or feel sluggish in the morning, Comatose may be the solution to a better night's sleep. 


Being well-rested for your next exercise session will allow you to give the effort required to reach your goals. 


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4) Whey Protein

Protein powder for men and other benefits to lead a healthy lifestyle

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Protein is the cornerstone of muscle growth; your body requires adequate amounts to repair muscle tissue properly. 


Everyone's protein requirements will vary, yet most struggle with getting their required protein in their diet. 


Whey protein gives you an easy, quick solution to adding protein to your diet. 


Whey protein is not magic; it's simply a dietary protein source. Yet, we're confident you will find considerable benefits to adding it to your routine. 


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Slow & Steady Wins The Muscle Building Race


There are no quick ways to grow muscle. It will take time & effort while following a consistent diet & exercise plan. 


The supplements above may assist with challenges you may face during your journey, making the process easier. 


The Synergy team is always available to answer your questions surrounding supplements, diet, & nutrition. 


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