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Burn-XT: Come For The Energy, Stay For The Hunger Control - Your 2022 Weight Loss Tool

Good Things Come To Those Who Plan


Valid for most good things experienced through life, including reaching your body composition goals this year. Clearly defining your diet & exercise regime to achieve these goals is the first step for success. 


meal planning

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But we get it; it's still tough. 


Getting to a healthier body weight is challenging in the best of circumstances, & life gets hectic in the real world. Is there a way to optimize the weight-loss process? 


We're not trying to pull any wool over your eyes; weight loss comes fundamentally from a caloric deficit & exercise routine. No supplement directly burns fat from your body. 


However, fat-burning supplements play a crucial role in successful weight-loss attempts by solving pain points seen throughout the process. On top of that, they can help boost your body's fat-burning efficiency through several mechanisms. 


Let's work to put your body composition goals to bed for good this year. 


Jacked Factory Burn-XT


BURN-XT Thermogenic Fat Burner | Jacked Factory



Our best-selling capsule fat burner, for good reason, Burn-XT packs a punch with its ability to amplify users' weight-loss success. 


Let's dive into what's happening within the 2 daily capsules of Burn-XT, then highlight how they're going to help you bust through your plateau. 


Burn-XT At A Glance

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Acetyl-L-Carnitine (700mg): 


Carnitine is essential to the body's ability to mobilize fatty acids into your bloodstream so that they can be used for energy (aka burned). The acetyl group allows the ingredient to cross the blood-brain barrier, giving an excellent alertness boost. 


Green Tea Extract (450mg):


There are various health benefits to consuming green tea. Here, it is acting to help improve metabolism & support your body's fat-burning efforts. 


Caffeine Anhydrous (270mg):


A classic ingredient loved by many, caffeine allows you to power through your day by keeping your energy levels high while keeping your cravings to the side by reducing hunger. 


Capsimax (Cayenne Pepper Extract) (50mg):


This clinically-studied extract exerts effects that can increase lipolysis (fat breakdown in the body) while having a notable impact on hunger. 


BioPerine (Black Pepper Extract) (5mg):


Black pepper extract is utilized in supplements to increase the absorption rate of other ingredients. 


How Burn-XT Will Work For You


Having ingredient knowledge is valuable as it makes you an informed supplement buyer. Now, what tangible benefits can you see from Burn-XT? 


1) Increased Energy



Decreasing your food intake paired with increased activity levels is easy in theory. However, the reality is that you get tired. Energy throughout the day is one of the top-cited complaints of those trying to reach a healthier body weight. 


When energy is low, your chances of missing a workout or slipping up on your diet increase in a big way. Burn-XT's blend of caffeine & acetyl-l-carnitine provides the perfect pick me up. You are improving energy & alertness while decreasing brain fog. 


Whether you need to make it to your next activity or get through the workday, Burn-XT's energy blend is the perfect partner. 


2) Hunger Control





Primed to throw a wrench in the best of diet plans, hunger is inevitable when you're reducing food intake throughout the day. Instead of giving in to these cravings, be prepared with Burn-XT. 


Caffeine & Capsimax both exert appetite suppression effects on their own, so the combo of both brings it to another level. 


Tied to the energy-boosting effects of Burn-XT, this product truly shines in its ability to help get your mind away from the plate. 


You don't want to pretend your appetite is not there but rather combat it with an effective solution to keep you on track. 


3) Efficient Weight-Loss



Burn-XT's combination of ingredients affects the body to burn fat more efficiently. 


These effects cannot overcome poor diet & other lifestyle factors. Still, they can magnify your results when the rest of your routine is dialled in. 


Come For The Energy, Stay For The Hunger Control


Burn-XT allows users to be confident in reaching their body composition goals. 


It layers on top of your diet & exercise routine to create an upgraded environment to lose weight. 


Solving two significant challenges in energy & hunger, Burn-XT is the tool you're missing from your New Years' body composition goals. 


Ignite Your Body Composition Goals - Buy Burn-XT Here

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