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Hormone Support Explained - Naturally Boosting Testosterone & Regulating Estrogen

Hormone Support Explained

For many years the supplement industry has been flooded with false claims and misleading product usage. The testosterone booster category pioneered this trend. It has led to many false assumptions and misinformation about the category. In recent years, there has been an influx of estrogen support products for women, leading to increased confusion amongst customers.

We prefer to view this overall category as "Hormone Support," with options for both men and women at Synergy. Hormones are complex; no supplement will boost your testosterone levels outright or fully regulate your estrogen. So that begs the question; What can we expect from these products?

Peripheral Factors

Hormone support products tackle areas that can improve quality of life, energy levels, and overall positive mood state. Areas such as lifestyle stress are often addressed in hormone support products, for example. When stress is high, our bodies cannot function optimally; it is especially detrimental to testosterone production. So from there, you can draw the line from reducing stress to enabling your body to produce its testosterone more efficiently.

When people search in this category, they are often looking for increased libido, more energy, and for lack of a better phrase, they're simply looking to feel better. Certain herbal extracts contained within hormone support products can do just that. They can be naturally energizing and provide a mood boost that will ultimately lead to generally feeling better. Feeling better and having more energy and drive to do more can ultimately lead to a more active lifestyle, which can help support optimal hormone levels.

Studied Ingredients

As we covered above, the bulk of the ingredients found in hormone support products will cover these peripheral factors to hormone optimization. However, ingredients do exist with clinically studied data supporting their use for both testosterone production and estrogen regulation D-Aspartic Acid is an ingredient that is quite reliable for improving testosterone production in the short-term when in a compromised testosterone producing state. Hence, it would be wise to have blood work done to determine your testosterone production is clinically low. 

DIM is an ingredient which is quite effective in metabolizing and regulating estrogen metabolism for both men and women. Like anything, there is no hard and fast rule for how effective it will be, as hormones are a complex body system that is altered by many different factors. 


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