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Stack & Save: Tailored Supplement Solutions & Everyday Savings


What Is Stack & Save? 


20% Off When You Buy Any 3 Or More Supplements



20% Off When You Buy Any 12 Or More Food & Drink Items




If you're already eager to get going, no problem; Shop Here & circle back later. 



Stack & Save puts the power in your hands to fully customize your purchases while receiving sweet savings in the process. 



Whether it's all of the same product or a dozen different ones, you're in control. 



Why Does Stack & Save Exist? 


Stack & Save was born out of the ethos that personalization of exercise, diet, & supplements is the best way to maximize results. 



We believe in individuality & taking a holistic approach to health, wellness, & fitness. What works for one may not work for the other, & that's normal. 



Our daily mission is to uncover tailored solutions to your unique goals & preferences, helping you along your journey. 



Stack & Save allows us to deliver you the best products for your lifestyle every day. 



No More Constraining Sales Flyers


"What's on sale?"



We hear this common question daily, & for a good reason; you want to get the best bang for your hard-earned buck. 



The issue with this approach is clear; we're keeping control & dictating what you buy. 



Have you ever persuaded yourself to leave your favourite item on the shelf in favour of the one marked down by $15? We have. 



Instead of continuing this outdated marketing tactic, we allow you to get your hands on your favourite products every day



Did we mention you still save money? 



How Do I Stack & Save? 


The best part of all, it's easy to Stack & Save. 



If you're shopping on our website, add your products to your cart (minimum of 3 Supplements & / or 12 Food & Drink items) & you're all set.



Your 20% discount will automatically apply to Supplements - Use code "Food&Drink" for Food & Drink items. 



If you're visiting our team in-store, no sweat; they'll hook you up at the checkout. 



Save On Your Faves, Friends. 


Stack & Save gives you the power while knocking down your total order cost. It's a win-win.



We're excited to be along on your journey, helping you get the results you're seeking. 



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