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The Ultimate Guide For Your 2022 Diet: Understanding The Basics

New Year, Better You (For Real This Time)


Many are ready to leave the past two in the dust as we embark on a new year. There is no wrong time to consider how you can become a healthier version of yourself. Yet, often the rush around January is short-lived. 


New diets, exercise routines, & various other lifestyle changes become difficult to execute. Significant alterations to day-to-day life reduce the likelihood of success. 


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Trendy diets will employ extreme measures in one direction: low-carb, plant-based, or time-restricted eating. People can find short & long-term success with these, depending on if it works for their lifestyle. 


The people pushing these diets won't tell you that everyone is different. What works for some won't work for others, & that's perfectly okay. 


You see, there's nothing inherently better about any given diet regime. The best diet is the one you can adhere to consistently over the long term that keeps you at healthy body weight. 


The underlying basics for weight loss remain the same across any diet, no matter what principles are in place. 


Calories in, calories out


Let's dive into the basics so that you can craft your best 2022 diet. 


Calories & Macronutrients

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A calorie is a unit of energy contained in food & drink. Your body uses these calories for energy throughout the day. 


You're always burning calories you consume, whether running a marathon or sitting on the couch. Of course, individual differences in the rate at which you burn those calories exist & are dependant on lifestyle habits & metabolic properties. 


Now that we have a base understanding of calories, what are macronutrients? 




Macronutrients refer to the fat, carbohydrate, & protein quantity within food & drink. Each of these has a calorie amount per gram.


Carbohydrate: 4 Calories Per Gram

Fat: 9 Calories Per Gram

Protein: 4 Calories Per Gram

Alcohol: 9 Calories Per Gram (in case you were curious)


While many diets will skew macronutrient intake in a specific direction, often low-carbohydrate or low-fat, what it's doing is reducing the number of calories the person consumes throughout the day, leading to weight loss over the long term. 


Calories In Calories Out

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Calories in calories out is a phrase we often use to describe the basis for any successful weight-loss or gain strategy. 


As we mentioned prior, your body burns a given amount of calories each day. This is determined by activity levels, metabolic properties, muscle mass, & more. 


Therefore, matching your calorie intake with your goals is the key to success. 


How To Determine How Many Calories To Consume


The first step would be to get a general understanding of how many calories your body burns day-to-day. This may take trial and error, but a calorie counter will help you get a baseline number. 


Let's use a quick example to illustrate this concept:


Chris is 40 years old & is looking to lose 20 pounds. Chris burns roughly 3000 calories a day, meaning if he eats 3000 calories a day, he will maintain his current body weight. 

Since gradual weight loss is the sustainable solution, we recommend that Chris reduce his calorie intake by 300-500 a day, placing him in a caloric deficit. This deficit will allow Chris to lose his 20 pounds over a given period & increase the likelihood of success. 


It's wise to choose nutrient-dense foods for the majority of the diet. However, any food choices can fit into Chris' diet as long as he remains in his caloric deficit. 


How To Determine Your Daily Calorie Intake 

Now that we understand the basics of the calorie in calorie out strategy, how do you determine how many calories you're consuming each day? 


You need to count. 


Tracking your food intake each day & determining a meal plan that fits your daily calorie allotment is the sure-fire way to find success. 


Tracking food can be tedious. Luckily, there are tools to help. 


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Prospre is an app that looks to simplify this process for you. With custom meal planning, calorie tracking, & barcode scanning, Prospre simplifies the process, improving your chances of success. 


Regardless of what tool you use to count, planning your meals ahead of time is a great idea. 


Intuitive Eating

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An advantage to tracking calories is getting an idea of how many calories are in your frequent meals & foods. From here, many people can find success with intuitive eating.


Intuitive eating focuses on listening to your body's internal cues to hunger & satiety & eating based on that. 


Additionally, it removes barriers from foods being good or bad & focuses on eating foods you enjoy. Of course, it also prioritizes nutrient-dense foods that aid in overall health. 


It's important to understand that a knowledge of calories & macronutrients will foster the success of this eating style. We recommend that you start with tracking your calories & if it feels right for you, transition to intuitive eating. 


Your goals & current lifestyle demands will dictate which eating style is best at any given period in your life. 


Keep It Simple

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Popular diets come & go. Some people find good results, & most don't. Eating your way to a healthier bodyweight requires discipline & planning. Still, it doesn't need to overhaul your eating habits completely. 


We recommend finding foods that work for you that you can adhere to consistently. & of course, exercise often to make that food work for you. 


Enjoy high-carb foods? Eat them. Want to grab a meal out with your friends? Do it. 


Food is not inherently good or bad. The magic comes in maintaining your calorie intake at the desired level for the long haul. 


Don't sweat it if you have a week where you don't eat well. You can quickly bounce back the next week and continue on that momentum. 


Focusing on nutrient-dense foods, high protein, fruits & vegetables, & sprinkling in some of your favourite treats is a healthy way to view your diet. 


No matter your goals this year, we're here to support you along the way. Reach out to our team with any questions or products you may be interested in adding to your routine. 


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