Upgrade Your Morning Routine: Coffee & Collagen-Synergy Supplements & Nutrition

Upgrade Your Morning Routine: Coffee & Collagen

Morning Routines Set The Tone For The Day


A well-executed morning routine is fundamental to the construction of a successful day. Heading into the day ahead with intention gives you the power to tackle the inevitable challenges led your way with ease. 


Some of us are morning people, & some are far from it. While your best friend has their day started at 6 AM, you may be happily smacking the snooze button hours later. 


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You have a morning routine no matter what side of the fence you lay. Routines range from excellent to terrible, but they're there


Whether you like to get a quick sweat session in, or you settle for franticly searching for your keys as you're running late, there seems to be a universal constant:




Morning coffee is a staple in getting the day started. Enjoyed by young, old, & those somewhere in between. The not so secret reason we reach for our cup of joe:


5 Unique Morning Routine Ideas to Supercharge Your Day

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It wakes us up. 


The euphoric feeling from the first sip is hard to beat. But, what if we could make your morning coffee, well, better? 


Coffee & Collagen


Collagen & coffee is a match made in heaven, utilized by some, unknown to others. 


Coffee provides us with a caffeine kick, which promotes stimulatory effects on the brain & body, hence why you reach for it every morning (maybe twice). 


Collagen, however, is lesser-known. So this begs the question: How can collagen super-charge my morning coffee? 




Collagen is in your body right now, a lot of it, actually. 


Do Collagen Supplements Work? - 5 Collagen Peptide Powder Benefits & Facts

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Collagen is the most abundant protein in the human body. It's critical to the structural components like skin, bones, & joints. 


Your body makes collagen itself, although rates vary depending on age, diet, & a host of other factors. 


Ensuring your body is rich with collagen protein is good practice for overall health, especially your skin.


Supplementing with 1-2 servings of collagen protein powder a day ensures your body has an adequate supply. Each serving of collagen provides the body with around 10 grams of protein & 19 amino acids, of which 8 are essential, meaning your body cannot make them itself. 


A collagen-rich routine is recommended to ensure your skin has the required tools to stay fresh. You can browse product options here.


Energy & Wellness In One Cup


You've long known the benefits of coffee, & you're now well-informed on collagen. So what makes these two the perfect match to elevate your morning routine? 


Collagen for Coffee: Beneficial or Bogus?

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Collagen is tasteless. 


Unflavoured collagen options are readily available, making it quick & easy to add a scoop to your coffee of choice. Hot or cold, 20 seconds of mixing & you'll never know it's in there. 


While you're reaping the benefits of your morning pick me up, you're consuming 10 grams of protein that helps nourish your body & promote healthy skin. 


That's what we call an upgraded morning routine. 


Collagen At Synergy


You can find various collagen options right here on our website. If you have additional questions, our team is available through the live chat option on your left. 


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