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What's New With Amino IQ ²

What's New With Amino IQ ² 

Beyond Yourself has recently upgraded their popular Amino IQ Energy Nootropic product which is now known as Amino IQ ². 

What Is A Nootropic?

The word Nootropic is defined as "A Supplement that can improve cognitive function, particularly executive functions, memory, creativity, or motivation". 

This product is classified as an energy nootropic, meaning it can boost energy, focus, and performance on mental tasks. 

Is Amino IQ ² Right For Me?

This can be an excellent addition to almost any lifestyle, including working professionals, students, gamers, & more. This product can be taken any time you need a reliable boost of energy and focus. 

What's New In Amino IQ ² 

Amino IQ ² feature its strong back-bone from it predecessor, but Beyond Yourself has upped the amount of Nootropics to help you push your results even further. 

Amino IQ ²  Features:

- 7g of BCAAs to promote muscle recovery
- 100mg Caffeine to boost energy
- 1.5g Acetyl-L-Carnitine to increase focus
- 500mg Tyrosine to improve mood and stress response
- 300mg Choline to increase neurotransmitter acetylcholine in the brain

Shop online or swing by a Synergy location Today to get your hands on this amazing product. If you have additional questions avail of our Live Chat feature or visit our team in-store. 

- The Blue Crew

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