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Your New Favourite Pick-Me-Up: Alani Nu Energy Is Here

Your New Favourite Pick-Me-Up Is Here



We have long-awaited the arrival of Alani Nu Energy drinks into Canada, & the time has finally come. 


Fit Shakes & Fit Snacks are our two top-selling Alani Nu products for a good reason. These pack a punch of flavour while providing high-quality ingredients that make adding protein to your diet easy. 


Alani Nu Energy seeks to give users a reliable, smooth energy boost without excess calories & sugar. 


With four flavours to choose from, we're confident these will be your new favourite pick-me-up. In the words of the brand itself, this is good energy.


Flavour Spotlight




Energy Drinks (12pk) - Breezeberry


Breezeberry is reminiscent of a tart blue candy, providing a delightful berry flavour with a note of sour. An instant cop for the blue raspberry lovers. 


Cherry Slush:


Energy Drinks (12pk) - Cherry Slush


Cherry slushies are a childhood staple, & this take on that flavour does not disappoint. With its candy cherry base, this will get you close to the real thing with none of the sugar & more of the energy. 


Watermelon Wave:


Energy Drinks (12pk) - Watermelon Wave


Light & refreshing, Watermelon Wave comes as advertised. There are no bells & whistles here, just a crisp watermelon flavour to remind you of warmer times. 


Cosmic Stardust:


Energy Drinks (12pk) - Cosmic Stardust


Cosmic Stardust reminds us of a handful of skittles-type candy. The fruity berry profile is perfect for you candy lovers. 


What's Inside Alani Nu Energy

alani nu energy drinks  




Alani Nu Energy packs 180mg of Caffeine into its 12oz can as a classic energy drink staple. Around the amount of a large coffee, this will give you a boost without becoming overpowering. Caffeine is a safe & reliable ingredient to help you beat the mid-day slump. 




As a main ingredient in green tea, L-Theanine is highly synergistic with Caffeine. L-Theanine promotes relaxation without causing drowsiness, providing anti-anxiety effects. 


When coadministered with Caffeine, its L-Theanine relieves the potential jitters associated with Caffeine consumption while giving more significant benefits on attention & focus than Caffeine alone. 




Taurine is a vital amino acid for your body, present in tissues like the brain, cardiac, & skeletal. Taurine is a key ingredient for hydration status in the body while promoting positive effects on blood sugar levels. 




B-Vitamins are the building blocks to a healthy body. These are most commonly known for their vital roles in energy production & metabolism efficiency.


Only 10 Calories


As guilt-free as you can get. Alani Nu Energy features a mere 10 calories per can negating a nasty sugar crash afterwards. 


What Are You Waiting For? 


These drinks are available in 12oz cans here & in Synergy locations. 


For free Blue Crew points, let us know your favourite in the product review section.


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