6 Ways To Cut Down On Sugar This Halloween

6 Ways To Cut Down On Sugar This Halloween

Halloween is a holiday every year typically known for loading up on sugary "junk food" and having mountains of leftovers in the cupboards for weeks to come. It doesnt need to be this way however, here are 6 ways to cut down on sugar this Halloween: 

1) Cut Down On Commercial/Bulk Size Mixed Packs:
Consider giving out things outside the traditional bulk size mini candy such as educational items or mini toys kids can play with. Things like chalk or crayons are much more beneficial to a child than a pack of candy.

2) Have A Post Trick-Or-Treat Activity Planned:

Instead of spending hours and hours going door to door collecting treats, plan something for afterwards so theres a set schedule to adhere to. Something like a post "Trick or Treat" family movie would be a great way to cut down on how much time is spent collecting candy.

3) Dont Let The New "Pillow Case Candy" Enter The Cupboards:
Too often we collect bags and bags or pillow cases of candy and store them away in a cupboard after the initial sugar binge. This leads to casually picking away at the treats for the following weeks in what seems to be a never-ending bottomless bag of candy. Avoid this by choosing some of the favourite finds of the night and just storing away a small amount, giving away the rest.

4) Healthy Supper Prior To Heading Out:
Just because the evening may be a write off in terms of candy consumption, it doesn't mean the whole day has to be. Before heading out, start with a healthy supper. This will get nutrients in your body and fill you up so you don't eat as many snacks while making your rounds.

5) Share With The Misfortunate:
Sadly there are many who are unable to take part in the typical "trick or treat" halloween festivities. While collecting an abundance of candy, keep others in mind and share with the misfortunate when your able to. They'll appreciate it and your pillow case of candy will become lighter by doing so.

6) Opt For Healthier Candy:

Rather than the typical high sugar high calorie candy or chocolate treat, reach for options such as Kiss My Keto or Better Bears. They're tasty alternatives and you won't believe they're low in sugar and high in fiber!

Happy Halloween!