Fall Fitness Tips

Fall Fitness Tips

Summer has come to an end and the sweaty heat will soon replaced with a nice cool breeze, new colours and leaves. This represents a great opportunity to get back into your health & fitness routine now that the fun-filled, busy summer season is over and you'll likely have more time to re-focus on your goals.

Think of the Fall season as a chance to get a jumpstart on any of the January 1st resolutions that are just around the corner. Why wait until then to start? Create and continue healthy habits now, and you will be looking and feeling great before the winter/holiday season starts!

Here are some fall health & fitness tips that will help you get motivated and stay on track this season:

1. Make A List: Now that 2021 is nearing its last quarter, decide on what else you want to accomplish this year and make a plan on how you'll do so.

2. Embrace The Outdoors: Enjoy the crisp air, fall coloured leaves and take advantage of outdoor activities before the winter freeze rolls in.

3. Dress In Layers: You want to be prepared for a wide range of temperatures if you decide to workout outside so wear some layers! Luckily, you don't have to fear things like dehydration and heatstroke as much in the Fall so longer outdoor workouts can easily be accomplished.

4. Chores Around The Property Can Be Exercise: Tasks like raking or stacking wood burns a ridiculous amount of calories and works your entire body – especially your upper body and core! Don’t have leaves or wood? Help a friend or neighbour in their yard.

5. Socialize: Gather with friends and family members and go berry/apple picking, pumpkin harvesting, or check simply out an outdoor fairs or market. Its some light exercise and good for the soul.

6. Take A Meeting Outside: Have a Zoom call coming up? Take it on your phone and use that time to go for a walk instead of being at your computer desk.

Don’t let the end of summer stop your movement and keep up the forward momentum!