Synergy Supplements & Nutrition

Atlantic Canada’s Health & Fitness Stores

Synergy represents the balance between nutrition, exercise, & supplementation required to produce optimal results in health & fitness. 

We’re not here to push products on you! We believe supplementation should be used to fill in the gaps. Supplements are best used to support a healthy diet, regular exercise, & lifestyle challenges.    

We’re More Than a Supplement Store! 

In addition to your favourite supplement products, we carry various products ranging from low-calorie condiments & healthy snacks to high-quality apparel & gear. 

Synergy Core Values

We are powered by customer results. Each day we strive to help our customers reach their goals. There is misinformation everywhere; Our mission is to provide honest education on supplements, nutrition, & fitness while providing an impeccable shopping experience. 

Our customers are unique with varying goals, preferences, & needs. That’s why we take a holistic approach when providing advice & recommendations. We take the time so that you get the best possible information & products to fuel your results. 

 The Synergy Team

We’re a tight-knit group here at Synergy. Each staff member knows what we are trying to accomplish daily, providing value to our amazing customers. We’re a proactive team that takes pride in our work. We care about the upkeep and day-to-day operations of our stores to ensure customer satisfaction. 

We’re constant learners at Synergy, and like our motivated customers, we are improving daily. We continually educate ourselves on the latest research & product development to stay ahead of the curve & bring our customers the best possible information. There’s no question too advanced for our team. We collaborate & pass along knowledge as it is gained to improve our capabilities continually. 

Local Business

Synergy Supplements & Nutrition is 100% locally owned and operated in the St. John’s Metro Area of Newfoundland & Labrador & St. John New Brunswick. We deliver across Canada and take great pride in being Atlantic Canada’s source for premium products & information. We are dedicated to improving the health & wellness of the citizens of our great country.